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Someone once told me that if I did things out of sincere love for them, then I would make sure they were done with sincerity. I would make sure that they got done with ihsan. "Fall in love" with the task, she said, and indeed, this can lead to great productivity.

This is proven in how a petite mother turns into a superhero to serve an ailing child or how a young man works long hours to pay for his wedding to the girl of his dreams. However, how do you fall in love with a final exam? Or a mundane work assignment?

You reflect on the purpose behind it. And then really connect with that purpose.

So, for example, you might ask yourself why this particular task is so important to you. Your answer may be different, but perhaps if you do well on it, you may finish a great education. This great education can lead to a great job that will require use of your skills for the betterment of your society. People need your skills; and maybe your parents will be pleased with you. If they are pleased with you and you are happy that you're helping others, then Allah (SWT) will be pleased with you - and if Allah (SWT) is pleased with you then you'll have the best of this life and of the next.

All these great things start with that one task, and because it can potentially lead to these things, you must fall in love with it - just as you love to win the satisfaction of your parents or your Creator.

What is the purpose of the assignment you're currently working on?

Compiled From:
"The 5 P's of Productivity: How to Get Things Done" - Heba Alshareef