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June 25, 2021 | Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 15, 1442

Living The Quran

Fire and Clay
Sad (Sad) - Chapter 38: Verse 76

"(Iblis) answered: "I am better than him. You have created me from fire and him, You have created from clay."

According to Iblis (Satan), honour and goodness lie in physical origin or matter. His attitude is typical of materialism and represents a lack of correct understanding. He saw only the material origin of humankind and ignored their spiritual dimension that originated in being breathed into out of God's Spirit.

Iblis also judged God's order according to his own knowledge and understanding, and opposed God's explicit order based on his own judgment. He demonstrated that, out of ignorance, he would fulfill God's orders only when they conformed to his desire or understanding, not because he believed all of these orders to be truths in themselves, and that they must be obeyed. So are those who act in the same way aware who it is that they follow, and whose pupils they are?

Compiled From:
"The Quran: Annotated Interpretation in Modern English" - Ali Unal, pp. 943

From Issue: 618 [Read original issue]

Understanding The Prophet's Life

Distinct Personality

The Muslim personality is a distinct one due to its unique code of behavior, as well as its manners and appearance. Our appearance, tastes, manners, and character reflect our personality. Our Master, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) directed his companions by saying, "You are on your way to meet your brothers, so put on a nice dress and fix your saddles (place where a rider sits on the back of an animal), so that you appear distinct among people as a mole (on a face). Allah likes neither roughness, nor rough manners." [Muslim] This Hadith indicates thatthe distinct look of Muslimsin their beauty, their cleanliness, and their pleasant smell, coupled with excellent character, enhances their personality,just as a black mole enhances the beauty of an already nice face!

Once the Prophet said, "He will not enter Paradise who has a grain of arrogance in his heart." Upon hearing this a man asked, "(What about) a person who may like his dress to be nice and his shoes to be nice?" The Prophet (pbuh) replied, "Allah is beautiful and likes beauty. Arrogance is to deny the rights and look down upon people." [Abu Dawud, Ahmad& Al-Hakim]

Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimahullah) said that beauty that Allah likes includes nice clothes! Hence it could be said that Allah likes all nice things. Therefore, a Muslim ought to be recognized by neat dress, cleanliness and graceful manners. Unfortunately, today many Muslims have lost sight of this distinction and commit errors that blemish their 'Muslim personality' that is meant to be unique inits gracefulness and perfection.

Compiled From:
"Islamic Manners"- Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda

From Issue: 717 [Read original issue]


Aspire for Perfection

Seeking the virtuous deeds is the end goal of those who strive, and there are varying levels of good deeds. The highest virtues are none other than combining knowledge and action, for when they are achieved, the person is raised to the highest status, for that is the aspired goal, and according to one's ambition, opportunities arise. Thus, your ambition must be to seek perfection. Some people restricted themselves to ascetism, and other devoted themselves to knowledge, while yet others combined complete knowledge with complete action. However not everything one desires is achieved, nor does every seeker find what he is seeking, nor does every one who begins a praiseworthy matter complete what he began!

But one must strive, and each will have that for which he was created for facilitated for him, and Allah, Glory be to Him, is the Giver of Aid.

Compiled From:
"The Value of Time" - Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah, p. 71

From Issue: 627 [Read original issue]