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The drug of the 21st century

The pornography industry is a mega-billion-dollar industry and growing. The people who run it don't care about you. They just want your money. They know it's addictive and have found ways to entice and trap you.

Have you ever watched one of those nature films where a crocodile is hiding in a pond? The thirsty gazelle trots around the pond, afraid to get too close, while the vicious, one-ton croc waits silently below the surface. Eventually, the gazelle overcomes its fear, meanders to the pond, and begins drinking. Suddenly, the gaping jaws of the crocodile reach up and grab its prey, pulling it beneath t he surface and eating it alive.

So it is with porn. If you get too close it will reach up, sink its teeth into you, and pull you down beneath its murky waters so fast you won't even know what happened. It's especially tempting for guys, even though girls are getting into it more and more.

Pornography is a behavioural addiction as strong as cocaine. Avoid it. Be smart and self-aware. Throw it away or turn it off. Put your computer in the family room where everyone can see it, not in your bedroom. If you are hooked, get help, just as you would with a drug addiction. Studies show that it is difficult to overcome on your own. Don't let anyone tell you it's normal or harmless or that boys will be boys. We all know better.

Pornography is usually viewed in secret. But that which is done in the dark will eventually be brought to light in the form of broken relationships, low self-esteem, and unfulfilled dreams.

"The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make" - Sean Covey, pp. 256-260