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Allah Most High has created man in a way that would not entirely save him from all sorts of physical or psychological maladies. However, He has also created, out of His mercy and compassion, an antidote for each one of these disorders. But He has spread out these antidotes and curing agents in all kinds of plants and animal parts as well as what He has created on top of the earth and under its surface. Not only that, but He has subjugated some of His servants to look for these medicines and bring them to the traders and merchants from far-flung places; from land and sea, from the shores of rivers, the tops of mountains, deep valleys and bottomless oceans.

Furthermore, He has designated some of His slaves to specialize in the profession of medicine that can utilize these therapeutic materials in helping the sick. There should be no doubt in the mind of any astute observer that the origin of this medical profession is a heavenly Divine revelation or at least it is an inspiration that is comparable to Godly revelation. By this Divine inspiration, these physicians were given the intelligent ability to combine the ingredients of these therapeutic potions into predetermined weights, precise quantities or fixed volumes. They must also be revered for documenting their medical knowledge in books that continue to serve future generations.

Accordingly, the great services of both the ones who bring the medicinal plants, the therapeutic animal parts or minerals from every corner of the earth, as well as the physicians who astutely combine them to treat the sick, must be appreciated and not be considered as meaningless or fruitless. In fact the fruits of these professions are a gift provided by Allah, Most High and Gracious, to promote the health of His slaves and creatures with the inspiration and support He has bestowed on these qualified experts. Thus, for every kind of disease, illness or disorder, there must be an antidote that would cure it if given in the correct manner.

The antidote in this respect is just like food to the hungry or water to the thirsty. This is so because the One who created the food and water is the same God who created the medicines and antidotes. Both are agents for human well-being and safety. And just as food would satisfy the hungry and water the thirsty so that they become satiated, suitable medicine is bound to bring about healing and the patient will regain his health and will no longer need to take the medicine.

Compiled From:
"Abu Zayd al-Balkhi's Sustenance of the Soul: the Cognitive Behavior Therapy of a Ninth Century Physician" - Malik Badri, pp. 67, 68