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"And remember when We sent Lot to his people and he said to them: 'Do you realize, you practice an indecency of which no other people in the world were guilty of before?'"
[Al-Quran, Sura Al-Araf 7:80]
The original issue contained an understanding of the Quran that promotes homophobia. The excerpt has been removed in solidarity with LGBTQ+ communities (Muslims or otherwise). The violence and oppression against LGBTQ+ communities must stop. We apologize for the harm our original issue has caused and ask Allah's forgiveness.

HADITH- To Soften our Hearts [Ar-Riqaaq]

~~"Had he known..."~~

"Had a disbeliever (Kafir) known of all the Mercy which is in the hands of Allah, he would not lose hope of entering the Paradise (Janna), and had a believer (Mumin) known of all the punishment which is present with Allah, he would not consider himself safe from the Hellfire." - Prophet (peace be upon him)

[Narrated by Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) and collected by Al-Bukhari, vol. 8, #476]
[Explanation: This Hadith conveys a profound message concerning the reality of human nature, the fact that it is only due to the heedlessness of the reality of Allah's justice and recompense, on the part of believers that they begin to content themselves by thinking, "I have done enough for Allah, Islam, and people," and by believing, "therefore, I am SAVED." Had we really known the reality of Allah's Justice and Power, we wouldn't ever develop such a careless and irresponsible attitude towards Islam. On the other hand, had a sinner or disbeliever in Allah, known the magnitude of Allah's Mercy and His willingness to forgive the worst of people, and His constant help and providence to disbelievers in this world, they would have certainly believed in God and Islam. They wouldn't wait for 'further proofs' for the existence of God and His Mercy.]

DAWA - Time to Come Out of our Boxes!  

"There is no god worthy of worship, except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."
Yahiya Emerick, in his book How to tell others about Islam, says, "This simple statement is the most powerful declaration ever devised! For beyond the words themselves lies a powerful concept and a compelling ideology. Whole societies, cultures, and empires have been elevated with its application, or ruined by its rejection." The question then is, how come Muslims, who possess such a precious gift or a Way of Life, known as Islam, do not bother to share it with others? How come we, who understand this powerful statement, do not feel the pain at the state of those who find it difficult to believe in the existence of God, or those who are too busy in the enjoyment of this world to even care about the question of God or the Truth, or those who have a spiritual void, or those who live a disoriented life devoid of peace and contentment? There are many among our friends, colleagues, and family members, who are waiting for this message to be revealed to them through our words and actions, on an individual and collective level.....
[To be continued in the next issue]

[Taken from the article "DAWA: Time to Come Out of Our Boxes and Loops" @ www.youngmuslims.ca]

Etiquettes & Importance of Celebrations in Islam

* Greetings on Return from a Journey *

A relative or a friend on return from a long journey should be greeted, and pleasure should be expressed on his or her safe home coming and success in his or her mission. We must, however, try our best not to spend beyond our means. The Prophet (peace be upon him), on his return from the Battle of Tabuk, was received by the Muslim men, women, and children at Sunniyat Al-Wada*. (Abu Dawud)

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) migrated to Madina and entered the city from the south, the entire Muslim population came out to welcome him. The Ansar girls were singing the following verses:

"Tala'al Badru 'alainaa, Min Sunniyatil Wadaa'i*, Waja-bash-shukru 'alainaa, Ma da'a lillahe daa'e, Ayyuhal mab'uthu feenaa, Jai'ta bil amril mutaa'i." (Trans.: "Today we have seen the full Moon appear before us, from the southern hill of Sunniyat Al-Wada*. It is incumbent upon us to offer thanks for the invitation towards Allah and enlightenment shown to us. O Prophet, who has been raised among and for us, you have brought to us such a creed that we shall follow.")

* Sunniyat Al-Wada was a hill on the south of Madina, where the people used to come to see off their guests. Hence it got this name which means the Hill of Farewell.

[Taken from "Discipline for Muslim Youth", S. M. Madni Abbasi, Vol. II, pp. 70-71]

Quiz Yourself!

An increasing number of North Americans are adopting Islam as their way of life. How many of these new converts are women? 

 a) less than 10%         b) less than 50%

 c) more than 65%        d) more than 75%

[The correct answer will be provided in the next issue]

[Taken from Online Quiz @ www.youngmuslims.ca]