Understanding The Prophet's Life


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Reforming Customs

A Persian neighbour once invited the Prophet, peace be upon him, to a meal. The Prophet answered: "What about her?" pointing to his wife Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her. The man replied negatively, implying that the invitation was meant for him alone. Muhammad then refused the offer. The neighbour invited him again some time later. The Prophet again asked: "What about her?" The Persian answered negatively, and Muhammad once more refused. The Persian invited him a third time, and when the Prophet asked, "What about her?" he answered in the affirmative. The Prophet accepted the invitation and went to the neighbour's with Aishah. [Reported by Muslim]

Through steadfastly maintaining a position, the Prophet was reforming customs and practices among the Arabs and Bedouins in the Peninsula without attacking their conventions. Aishah, as well as Khadijah before her, and indeed all of his wives and daughters, were present in his life, were active in public life, and never confused modesty with disappearing from the social, political, economic, or even military sphere.

"In The Footsteps of the Prophet" - Tariq Ramadan, p. 120