Understanding The Prophet's Life


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Destroyer of Pleasures

"Remember the destroyer of pleasures - death - often. Verily, no one remembers it during straitened times in his life except that it makes the matter easier upon him. And no one remembers it during times of ease except that it makes the matter tighter upon him." - Al-Bayhaqi

When one feels disappointed by the lack of comforts in this world and then remembers death, he will realize that there is no real comfort or joy in this world for one to be depressed about. Hence, his affair will be made easier by remembering death. And, during times of ease and material comfort, when one remembers death, one keeps oneself from getting overly attached to and fond of these worldly items. The person will realize that such things are not necessities but it is faith and good deeds that are needed.

The believer must always be conscious of the fact that he is living in the shade of death. At any moment, death may overtake him. When this realization is clear in the person's mind, he will constantly be preparing for his death. And there is only one way to actually prepare for death: by performing good deeds and abstaining from evil deeds.

“Commentary on the Forty Hadith of al-Nawawi” – Jamaal Al-Din M. Zarabozo, Vol 3, pp. 1548-1549