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Allah's Family

The principle to accord a humane treatment to people and avoid hurting them is not restricted to Muslims. It is only that such behaviour has been specially stressed in regards to Muslims. All of Allah's creatures are "His family", so much so that animals too are included within this fold.

To keep a camel hungry or weigh it down with unbearable load, not to give it enough rest, or to slaughter an animal within sight of another, or to us a blunt knife for slaughtering an animal or to steal a bird's young chick from its nest, or to put an anthill to fire are all forbidden acts.

When such are the guidelines for the treatment of animals, you can well imagine what are the rights of human beings, whether they be sinful Muslims or non-Muslims.

Compiled From:
"Dying and Living for Allah" - Khurram Murad, p. 47