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Positive Role

The distressing picture of men-woman relations in contemporary Muslim societies, which contradicts the teaching of Islam, is a concrete fact that cannot be denied. However, another positive fact that exists side by side, is that an awareness of the essential and constructive role of women in the society to fulfill their Islamic responsibilities, is increasingly appreciated among Muslim men and women.

The divine guidance in the Quran and Sunna, and many positives in our intellectual and practical heritage, have increasingly inspired and generated new works that advocate the rights of Muslim women in the name of God and His message.

Day after day, Muslim are becoming more and more aware of the due distinction between the permanent teachings of the divine sources of Islam and the accumulated human ideas and practices that were influenced by the cultural and social circumstances in the Muslim societies, in the past and the present.

Conceptual and behavioral progress is apparent now in Muslim societies, which seem more keen to observe the divine teachings and abandon the human deviated customs in man-woman relations in the family and the society. Women's education and work in different fields have developed their personality, self-confidence and initiatives. An awareness of their Islamic rights and responsibilities has inspired many of them to be committed to the Islamic message of justice, peace and prosperity. These concrete developments have provided a support for the Muslim woman, stronger than any philosophical or legal argument. On the other hand, Muslim men have realized the social change and have become more inclined to deal with it. Muslims cannot reactivate their societies, secure a positive role in the contemporary world and get their message heard by all people, while a half of their population is suppressed or neglected.

How can Muslims call universally for a divine justice, while they are missing or ignoring it among themselves, their homes and their communities? Progress can be obviously noticed... and hopefully it will continue and accelerate, benefiting Muslims in the first place, and then representing the message of Islam to the whole world appealingly.

Compiled From:
"Muslim Women" - Fathi Osman