Understanding The Prophet's Life


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Re-kindling The Vision

The starting point for inspiring and reviving a people is to cultivate in them a clear vision of Islam; a vision of what is required to be accomplished. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, frequently made attempts to keep his Companions' minds focused on the vision of Islam. He took every opportunity to remind them of their purpose and objective. As an example, he advised one of his Companions, Khabbab Ibn al-Arat, when he complained about the persecutions the Muslims faced in Makka, during the early years of their mission, with the following words:

"By Allah, He will complete this mission until a rider will travel from Sana to Hadramawt (both are places in Yemen) and will have no fear but of Allah, and no worry but about a wolf that might harm his cattle - but you make haste." [Bukhari]

This saying presents the vision of Islam for society and reminds Muslims that they must keep on working, irrespective of the adversities, for a better society that ensures peace and justice for all people.

"Building A New Society" - Zahid Parvez, p. 100