Understanding The Prophet's Life


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Protection of Faith

Ask Allah to grant you an abundance of livelihood that is halal and tayyib (lawful and pure); to grant you the means of income that should at least be enough for you to meet your needs with ease, so that while being contented with whatever you have, you may be happy and have a due portion of worldly enjoyments.

A minimum of worldly resources is necessary even for the protection of faith. Do not be negligent in trying to secure some portion of the world. Indeed, this is part of ibadah (worship) and is essential in order to ensure a degree of excellence in the other acts of ibadah. So do try to earn at least this minimum of livelihood, considering it a part of your religious obligations. At the same time, hold fast to the belief that you are bound to receive what Allah has ordained for you. Treading on forbidden paths will not earn you any more than what is your apportioned share. Also keep in view the directive of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him: “Be moderate in seeking [wealth]” [Kanz al-Ummal]

Compiled From:
"Dyning and Living for Allah" - Khurram Murad