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Al-Imran (The House of Imran)
Chapter 3: Verse 54

The Best Plotter
"They plotted, God also plotted. God is the best of plotters."

This verse is referring to the efforts of the Jews contemporary to Isa (Jesus), may Allah be pleased with him, who hatched a plan against him to have him executed.

Makr: The expression used for the unbelievers as well for Allah is the same but the meanings are different. Makr on the part of man is secretive plotting or scheming with mischievous intentions. Allah also plots to frustrate the plotting of His subjects. But His slaves remain completely in dark about what He plans and how He intends to accomplish it.

However, Allah's plotting and scheming is entirely within the norms of justice. His plotting is based on wisdom and hence entirely beneficial to man as well as to an unknown number of His creations. Therefore, He is the best of plotters.

Compiled From:
"Tafsir Ishraq Al-Ma'ani" - Syed Iqbal Zaheer, Vol 2, p. 50