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Harvest of Taqwa
Al-Baqara (The Cow) Sura 2: Verse 185 (partial)

"Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was revealed, as a guide to humankind, and with clear signs for guidance and the criterion to distinguish between right and wrong."

This blessed month was selected for fasting, we are told, for it was in this month that the revelation of the Quran, the book of guidance for humankind, began. It not only guides to the straight path and directs human reason but it also contains clear, strong and conclusive arguments that distinguish truth from falsehood — arguments and proofs that are valid and true for all time and place.

The Quran is not merely a collection of instructions — what to do and what to avoid — but is an inexhaustible treasure of wisdom and truth. As such it is more than enough for the guidance of human reason till the Last Hour. This great blessing deserves special thanksgiving on our part. For this act, Allah chose the month in which the Quran was revealed as the month of fasting. In this month we express our gratitude for the Quran, strive to overcome our desires, caprices and base temptations and seek closeness to Him. In this month we are to declare in words and actions, openly and secretly, that for us there is nothing greater or more important in this world than the commandment of our Sustainer and its fulfilment.

We can, upon reflection, easily understand that human reason is the greatest single gift of Allah to human beings. But the Quran is even a greater blessing than human reason, for it is through it alone that human reason can receive right guidance. Without its light, human reason despite all the scientific gadgets, telescopes and microscopes at its disposal, can only grope in the dark. It is only fitting and proper therefore that the month in which humankind received this special gift and blessing should be celebrated as a special month of thanksgiving to Allah, for extolling His greatness and glory for all times to come. For this thanksgiving and glorification of Allah, fasting is prescribed to foster in the human being the quality of taqwa — piety or God-consciousness — on which rests the entire fabric of din and Shariah. The Quran describes this taqwa as the primary condition for benefiting from it. The people who will truly benefit from it are those who are endowed with the true quality of taqwa or piety. Fasting is the special worship that encourages, produces and infuses the spirit of taqwa. The Quran is a message of hope and light and the month of Ramadan is the season in which the rich harvest of taqwa, the harvest of God-consciousness and piety, is reaped.

Compiled From:
"Pondering Over The Qur'an: Surah al-Fatiha and Surah al-Baqarah " - Amin Ahsan Islahi